Entry #5

AC (Artificial Companion) 8/6/2014

2014-08-06 07:29:49 by luciper2007

hi guys! today I made a new project here in Newgrounds,  It is the part III of the Artificial Companion. It took me almost months to complete her and now I will upload it by this week. I've seen some of  AI-fans likes the AC so I develop it more and much fun to talk with. The AC name is Retica, she is cute, friendly and intelligent. So, what's the difference between Retica over Jasmin and Zeli Rag? Well, "Retica is much simple and more interesting to talk with. She is quite emotional, fun and loving. I hope you guys will like here".



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2014-08-08 20:16:09

Hey man long time no see.
Whats your Skype name im planning on talking about rise of dawn with the staff.
Does that sound good?
also hows the Alpha of Rise of dawn doing.
From yours.

luciper2007 responds:

Sounds good to me, actually... we don't need anymore extra staff. We just need it to be ours.. I am still in the process. Its a good challenge for me to develop the game from you by my own. :) what's your production company or organization name again?


2014-08-20 18:22:47

Hey man I don't want to bug you about Rise of dawn agine.
but when I talk about my ideas I don't want you to quickly add them to the game.
I want you the take your time.
like I said before I care about you and I don't want to get hard on you.
and im about to start my programming lessons soon.
Oh and one more thing.
you can check out my youtube account.
I didn't updated yet.
but soon.
From yours
Juleon Reed.
I drew a lot of concept art.

luciper2007 responds:

:D hahaha! okay.. thanks man..by the way, good luck with your programming lessons. Alright, I will subscribe you in youtube then.