hi guys! today I made a new project here in Newgrounds,  It is the part III of the Artificial Companion. It took me almost months to complete her and now I will upload it by this week. I've seen some of  AI-fans likes the AC so I develop it more and much fun to talk with. The AC name is Retica, she is cute, friendly and intelligent. So, what's the difference between Retica over Jasmin and Zeli Rag? Well, "Retica is much simple and more interesting to talk with. She is quite emotional, fun and loving. I hope you guys will like here".


SkyGun II

2014-04-04 09:54:07 by luciper2007


Skygun II will be published by the end of the month (April 29,2014). For its first released was quite unexpected, gaining atleast 3 straight stars that inspired me to work with its part II for month. I actually work for games for 1 to 2 days only, but this time is a big deal game.

Anyway, thank you for those who viewed and rated my games, you helped me alot to grow up out of my shells. :D


Because of some unexpected school works, the Skygun II will be delayed for weeks. 5/1/2014

The Running Dead II

2014-04-01 04:36:35 by luciper2007

1948320_139634112192_running_dead_ii.jpgThe second episode of The Running Dead. The story behind the escape of Jass and Minoa from the Island of dead.

"I just can't make it fully graphic cause I don't have enough equipment to do it so, this is just the product of my mouse and keyboard. Anyway! have a nice day!"

SkyGun 2

2014-03-31 12:08:35 by luciper2007

Hello everyone! I am about to make the second part of my SkyGun game. There will be changes from the rules, system and game design, as well as for the story. I also develop a new system for the game entertainment satisfaction for it. Hope you will like it once it was finish. :D


Music and Fingers 2

2014-02-13 14:10:53 by luciper2007

First of all, I would like to thank to my lovely cousin "Kimberly Borja", she is much close to Erwin.. but her little game in her tablet inspired me to make the game "Music and Fingers". (Thanks a lot for showing me that unique game).

Second, to my beloved mom. Her birthday is next week.. Feb 20 (^__^) I hope I can give you the most precious gift I have, "Time and Care". I totally admit that I don't have lots of money to give you something expensive, all I want for your birthday is to see you happy mama.

Third, to my sister Blaiz Borja Bobier.. I hope you are doing good with your little daughter, I know she is incredibly cute and wonderful girl, please take good care always.

and Lastly, to my beloved girlfriend, "I love you... everything I do is for my family, few more years we will make our own, our family" Always take good care and don't forget to say lovely words before you sleep. :D

and now...


Music and Fingers 2:

The time I published the Music and Fingers, I was thinking about to make its part two. The Music and Fingers 2, what's the difference to the first one? Well, the first MaM is like an arcade game, meaning... you play it to get some high scores, other than that... passing some time. (no other special purpose). My point is, I am about to make an RPMG.. the Role Playing Music Game, or probably RPRG... Role Playing Rhythm Game, a story that makes the game more sensible to the players.

For those who download the "Music and Fingers" (Its music and balls synchronization actually fail) it only works in newgrounds web-base. <I got a little secret about it, sorry about that!> Actually, I made another version that works without the web, but its not actually free (we can deal up with its prize).

By the way, thank you for reading this post, I really appreciate your time and effort to read my message. Actually, I got a little question for you, (That's the deal!) Do modern people still loves the piano classics and oldies song pieces? Because, this will be my basis for the songs I am going to make with it..


Alright, that's all.. :D